Golf Lessons in Fresno

A PGA member for the past 30 years, and a certified golf instructor for even longer than that, Bob Paniccia gives the best golf lessons in Fresno and knows what it takes to turn you into a better golfer. In fact, as a testament to Bob’s skill, both of his daughters, whom he taught to play golf have become golf instructors in their own right.

Bob’s greatest skill as a golf instructor is his overwhelming calm and patience. Bob realizes that each golfer learns at his/her own pace and it doesn’t help to try to force instructions on them. Instead, Bob instructs his students on proper technique and then reminds them when they break out of good habits, because he knows that learning good golf is a marathon and not a sprint. Even the best golfers need to be reminded of proper mechanics every now and then, and Bob is happy to do it.

If you’d like to work on any part of your game, from ball striking to short putting, stop in to see Bob – he’d love to work with you.

Contact Bob at (559) 439-2928 Cell (559) 260-7500


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Bob Paniccia Golf Pro

Bob Paniccia, Head Golf Pro

1 Lesson $70.00
6 Lessons Special $350.00
1 Junior Lesson (17 or Under) $55.00
3 Junior Lesson Special $150.00
Group Rates Available